Gendered Lens: The Cutie Dolls & Robot Toys

children toys

Knowingly or unknowingly, people are so obsessed with defining gender-based interests. What will you gift your child? If it is a girl, some barbie dolls or kitchen set, and for boys, cricket bat, toy cars or some superhero kits. From there starts the bigotry of girl stuff and boy stuff.

Though playing with a car is somewhat normal for girls, imagining a barbie doll in a boy’s hand is still not common. Let it be an eCommerce store or brick and mortar toy shop, there are gender-based sections for toys. Stereotyping through the lens of gender is still common in our society.

A child identifies the power and weakness in gender through the treatment they get in childhood. A simple toy can inject the idea of the dominant and submissive into a child’s mind. Children are put into gendered boxes right from the time they are born. When dolls talk about the necessities every girl needs, the robot toys and toy cars define masculinity.

Every girl child needs pink lips, rosy cheeks, curly or straight hair like a doll. Though some get out of this fantasy land as they grow up, some are still caught up inside the Disney land. So are the boys. The superhero masks and toy guns make them attracted to power and the whole idea of holding power.

A toy in a child’s hand is not always his/her interest. It is all about how society wants to see them and raise them- gendered individuals.

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