A Culture or Festivity?

sports, olympics

From Media Outlets to Whatsapp status are shimmering with the glaze of Olympic medals. Mirabai Channu, P.V.Sindhu, Lovlina Borgohain, Bajrang Punia, Neeraj Chopra the names are being celebrated all across the country. But until what time? …

Never Have I Ever Netflix Series

Devi is not a perfect girl. She has flaws, she is unstable, she yells, she has existential issues, and a lot of internal conflicts. But, when she made mistakes, I loved her for her mistakes. The character Devi is a realistic portrayal of teen life. …

children toys

Knowingly or unknowingly, people are so obsessed with defining gender-based interests. What will you gift your child? If it is a girl, some barbie dolls or kitchen set, and for boys, cricket bat, toy cars or some superhero kits. From there starts the bigotry of girl stuff and boy stuff.

Democracy, voting

The idea of a nation is intriguing. India is known for its democracy. But the last few years were not so savouring for citizens and governments. Is there a shortening gap between democracy and atrocity?

Well! This is the right time to discuss, but finding a solution can’t be promised…

Storyteller’s Lore

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